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Domain names can be a challenge for anyone who owns a website. Back when the internet was new and relatively small, getting the perfect domain was easy. American Airlines registered the two letter aa.com. Clothing retailer American Eagle snagged ae.com. Retail store General Dollar owns gd.com. General Electric, of course, owns ge.com. But what about you? If you’re trying to start a fashion website, you might find that fashionblog.com is taken along with fashshionstar.com.

With over 130 million .com domains registered since September 21, 2017, you may think finding the right one is hard.

Domains beyond .com

You may know that there is .com, .net, .org, .info, but there are some other domains where your perfect name may lie. You may even find that a domain using one of these other extensions may help your SEO as well. You may have a venture that is targeting people who live in the UK. Using a .uk or .co.uk domain, Google knows that this is where you’re targeting and will show people in the UK your site higher up on the list.

If you’re a non-profit organization, .org is still a perfect choice. Tech companies gravitate towards using .io. If you’re a producer of videos, you might even consider .tv.

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative! Perhaps your business name is Skyco. If skyco.com wasn’t available, you could try sky.co and actually incorporate your business name as your whole domain name.  If you’re local to a specific area, you can use local domains like .nyc for New York City or .london for London. For example, The Wright, a restaurant in NYC had “thewrightrestaurant.com”, but switched to thewright.nyc. Not only does it save characters, you know they’re in NYC!

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We love seeing the awesome names our customers choose. We offer a lot more than .com! Be a .ninja or the .one with a great domain!

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