Green Web Hosting – Sustainable Eco Friendly Hosting

NodeSpace Hosting is proud to offer eco-friendly hosting! We’re doing our part to reduce carbon emissions from data centers, utilize renewable energy sources, and prevent unnecessary e-waste. When you host with NodeSpace, you’re helping the planet.

Renewable Energy Commitment

When we source our data center partners, we take a lot into consideration. At the top of the list is using renewable energy sources. Our primary data center in North Carolina is primarily powered by solar energy. Duke Energy operates one of the largest solar installations in North Carolina and has recently opened another 22 megawatt solar farm. Our other data center locations utilize solar, wind, and water energy.

We’re also committed to reducing the amount of electricity we use. Spare servers are powered off and we closely monitor our rack PDU power usage. We also offer financial incentives to customers who have their servers placed into Low Energy mode.

Preventing E-Waste

Did you know that the average server has a lifetime of at least 20 years? But more importantly, did you know most companies (including hosting providers), will replace servers after just 5 years, regardless of how much usage they received? Some companies replace servers after 3 years. According to the IRS, computers depreciate over 5 years – and most manufacturer warranties last this long as well. What happens when servers are pulled from the racks? Some are resold and purchased by companies such as ours at a huge discount. We will refurbish them, build standard specs, and re-deploy them for our customers. By putting these servers back to use, we help keep e-waste out of landfills. E-waste is hazardous to the earth. Batteries containing harmful chemicals can leak along with lead and mercury from other components.

Proper Disposal & Recycling

When our old equipment becomes too old to use, we will strip it down into individual parts – drives that can be reused are placed into spare parts bins, internal cables are checked and placed into spare parts, RAM is conditioned and put aside for other servers that it is still useable for, same with CPUs. Aluminum components like heatsinks are cleaned and recycled. Steel components such as server chassis are sent to steel recyclers. Electronic components such as power supplies and circuit boards are sent to special recyclers for proper processing of PCBs, removal of lead and other toxic chemicals, and cleaning and recycling of other components like resistors, capacitors, and other items on circuit boards.