Zero Tolerance Spam Policy

The use of services from NodeSpace Hosting constitutes agreement to the terms below as well as all terms in our Hosting Agreement.

NodeSpace has a ZERO tolerance spam policy regarding the sending of unsolicited or bulk e-mails. This includes but is not limited to borrowed lists, purchased lists from 3rd party vendors, selling of lists, etc. Any NodeSpace user who is caught sending out spam from an NodeSpace server will be subject to immediate account termination.

Definition of Spam

Spam is the act of sending unsolicited e-mail or online communications to individuals or businesses who have not agreed to receive your e-mails. Spam is considered Spam whether it is a single e-mail or a bulk mailing sent out to thousands of recipients. Contrary to popular belief, buying a list of email addresses from a third party and emailing them individually or in bulk is also considered Spam.

Lists where a person is required to request e-mail removal via an opt-out request is also considered spam. You are not allowed to hire a company to mail out to a list of people who did not request to receive your information beforehand, therefore it is also considered spam.

Examples of Spam

  • Any e-mail correspondence sent to a recipient who had previously subscribed to receive e-mails but later opted-out by indicating to the sender that they did not want to receive additional e-mail.
  • Any Email that contains any false or misleading information.
  • Any e-mail correspondence sent to Email addresses that have been harvested from websites and sent out in bulk.
  • Any e-mail correspondence sent out which does not provide an option to unsubscribe from future mailings.

As the owner of your e-mail lists you are fully responsible for the behavior of 3rd party vendors which you hire or solicit to perform your company mailings. Any violation by a third party will be considered a violation by you and will be subject to your account being terminated.

Additionally, we will terminate any account that causes our IP addresses to be blacklisted, whether intentional or not. We also reserve the right to require changes, disable or terminate any site that does not comply with our spam policies. We also reserve the right to charge any account holder for cleanup fees or blacklist removal charges, as determined by NodeSpace.

Changes to the Terms of Service

NodeSpace reserves the right to change these, and any other, policies at any time without prior notice.