Why NodeSpace for Proxmox Hosting?

Truth be told, any hosting provider can just offer Proxmox hosting, but do they really offer Proxmox hosting?

3 out of every 4 servers is provisioned with Proxmox VE

75% of all new dedicated server orders are provisioned with Proxmox VE. 1 out of every 4 existing servers are upgraded to Proxmox VE. That's a lot of Proxmox VE!

Fastest Growing Proxmox Provider

With the statistics of 75% of new orders are for Proxmox VE servers and 1 in 4 existing servers are upgrades to Proxmox VE, it's no doubt that we are the fastest growing Proxmox hosting providers in North America.

Fully Managed Options

When you don't want to have to worry about the operation and management of your Proxmox nodes, you have time to focus on what actually matters: your business.

All Proxmox Included

While others will stop at Proxmox VE, we go forward by also offering the same service and support for Proxmox Backup Server and Proxmox Mail Gateway.

Installation QC

Checks to make sure the OS is ready for use in your production environment.

Manual Installation (if requested)

Sometimes automated provisioning isn't perfect. In some cases, we'll follow up with manual installation.

Knowledge Base & Help Guides

Real knowledge base articles and help guides, not basic articles.

Access to Proxmox Training & Education

Expand your knowledge with access to professional Proxmox training courses.

Managed Services

Fully-managed services that include the same services as all other managed services (e.g. OS updates and upgrades, proactive system monitoring, etc.)

Knowledgeable Staff

Staff that know and are trained on Proxmox so that you are never told, "uhh, what?" or "that is out of scope".