Operating Systems

NodeSpace offers enterprise operating systems from various vendors. We offer all major versions of UNIX-like and Linux as well as Microsoft Windows Server. Microsoft Windows Server is provided with a trial license or Bring Your Own License.

Operating System Monthly
AlmaLinux $0.00
Rocky Linux $0.00
CentOS $0.00
Debian $0.00
ubuntu $0.00
Fedora $0.00
FreeBSD $0.00
CloudLinux Solo $7.00
Shared $15.00
Pro $18.00
Proxmox VE No Subscription $0.00
Community $10.00*
Basic $30.00*
Standard $45.00*
Premium $90.00*
Windows Server Standard 2022 Trial/BYOL
Data Center 2022 Trial/BYOL
Stanard 2019 Trial/BYOL
Data Center 2019 Trial/BYOL

*Price is for a single CPU socket. For a server with two physical CPU sockets, double the cost.

Control Panel Software

Control panel software can be preloaded on dedicated servers at the time of install by NodeSpace. These control panel software packages provide a GUI interface useful to those with little server administration experience by assisting with the setup and administration of the server. Multiple choices are available to suit different operating system choices.

Control Panel Monthly
Virtualmin GPL $0.00
Pro $20.00
cPanel Bare Metal (100 accounts inc.) $60.99
VPS Only
VPS Only, Up to 5 Accts
VPS Only, 1 Account
ApisCP $20.00
Windows Server
InterWorx Single Server $20.00
VPS $7.50