Why Choose NodeSpace Hosting?

TL;DR: We go above and beyond for our clients without breaking the bank.

We're different by design

We do business a little differently from our colleagues and associates out there. First and foremost, we use ethical marketing and advertising practices, not mind tricks. We tell you upfront how much you will pay (not expect to pay, but your actual payment amount). We don’t have “limited time sales” that never seem to end. We advertise the actual monthly price of services. We send you service renewal reminders in advance so there’s never a surprise bill. We don’t upsell you services you don’t want or need or check boxes by default in hopes you don’t notice.

We re-invest in ourselves

We upgrade our hardware and software on a predictable basis in order to keep our service good for you. Buy hosting today, in 10 years your account will be able to use the technologies that come out between now and then. There are no legacy hosting servers here! And when we think a plan needs to be modernized, we’ll add the new features to your existing plan without a price change.  

We've been doing this for 17 years

You need confidence that your web hosting provider is still going to be there tomorrow. We’ve been running web hosting since 2006. Sure, we’ve only been known as NodeSpace for the last 12, but that’s because picking a good name can be difficult! Because we’ve been in business for so long and we have invested time, money, and effort into our service, we’re not about to just disappear! We’re planning on being here for a long time.

If you still aren't sure, let's talk

When you’re trying to relocate your website or even find a home for your new website that you’re still working on, it can be challenging. There can be a lot of confusing information and you’re just not sure what you need or who to trust. But let us show you how we’re different – send us an email for our sales team: [email protected] Let us know what you’re looking for and any questions you might have. We’ll do our best to help you out! Sometimes, we’re not the right host for you. That’s OK. We’ll put you in contact with a trusted host that might fit you better if we just don’t mesh.