Why Choose NodeSpace?

There are a lot of good reasons to go with NodeSpace for your hosting – mainly because we do things different (in a good way)! Here’s just a small sample of what we have to offer.


Different by design.

If it looks like every web host is the same as every other web host, that’s because they usually are. Our hosting is different by design. On the surface, our plans look like everyone else’s. Clients begin to see how we’re different when they ask us to help with a small website tweak, and we help. Or they need some expert Linux advice, and we advise without a fee. Our team loves what they do. And you see that quality in our work.

Solid hardware. Solid uptime.

Uptime matters. We invest in high quality, enterprise-grade hardware to give you the best performance and the best uptime. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, but we typically average 100% uptime. By investing in a solid platform, we reduce hardware failures, performance issues, and all sorts of problems that can affect your website or application.