Premium SSL Certificates

Secure your site and your reputation and give your visitors and customers peace of mind and trust with a SSL certificate. One-click certificate installation makes setting up your SSL a breeze.

Three Validation Levels

Domain Validated (DV)

Domain validation only. Issued in minutes. Ideal for blogs, social media & personal websites.


Organization Validated (OV)

Basic identity verification. Ideal for small business websites and pages accepting sensitive information.


Extended Validation (EV)

Full identity verification. Ideal for Business & Ecommerce sites looking to provide maximum visitor confidence.


Why SSL from NodeSpace

Easy Installation

If your website is hosted with us, it just takes 1 click to install your SSL certificate. If your site isn't hosted with us or is on your own server, we offer free installation!

Unlimited Reissues

If you ever need to reissue your certificate, we have unlimited reissues at the push of a button.

Easy Renewals

Don't let an expired SSL take your site down! Our system will automatically notify you when its time to renew and replace your SSL automatically.

DV, OV, EV. Not cars, but certificates!

Just what is the difference between DV, OV, and EV and which one should you choose? We know, it can be confusing but we can hopefully clear things up!

DV stands for Domain Validated and that is exactly what it sounds like – your domain is validated to be yours (or you have authorization to request a SSL for it) and that’s it. This is the most basic type of SSL and it’s issued nearly instantly. It offers good baseline protection, and helps secure communications between the server and your visitor. We also offer FREE SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt on all of our shared hosting servers. These are DV certificates and carry no warranty, but offer the same encryption protection.

OV stands for Organization Validated and this means the company issuing the certificate will check into your organization. For instance, are you a registered company; Does your address exist and does your business reside there; Does your phone number actually go to your business; among other criteria. This cert can take 1-4 days to issue.

EV stands for Extended Validation and this has the most checks. They will scan your domain for malware, check your organization, and many other checks. This certificate can take up to 14 days to be issued. It’s also the most expensive because of the labor required to perform all these checks. 

Increase your SEO with SSL

All the major search engines rank websites served over SSL higher than non-SSL websites! If you don’t have an SSL certificate but your competitor does, they will automatically rank higher than you in search results! Besides increasing search engine visibility, your clients, customers, and visitors will feel safer on your site and you’ll earn trust. Visitors are more likely to register, login, and buy from a website that uses SSL!