Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire someone to manage your server infrastructure like you can for your office computers? Now you can.

We’re excited to introduce our managed services for anyone! You can turn any server into a managed server – even if it’s not hosted with us. If you’re using Azure or AWS and wish you had someone to help you with your cloud, we do that too! See how NodeSpace Plus makes it easy and affordable.

Any hosting provider

Typically, when you want managed hosting, you have to buy it from your hosting provider. And, assuming they even offer it, there’s usually terms and conditions linked – such as you must be running cPanel, or only a specific operating system. NodeSpace Plus allows you to use any hosting provider you want – including Azure & AWS.

Proactive solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if server and software issues were a thing of the past? They can be! We proactively monitor your server and utilize advanced AI to detect and fix problems before they occur. And if our AI needs a human helping hand, it alerts one of our engineers in under 5 minutes.

Easy pricing & terms

There’s no complicated pricing and terms when it comes to our managed services. You’re billed at a flat rate based on the number of covered servers and on a term that works best for you – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. No risk, no hassle.

Standard - $25/monthPremium - $75/month
24/7/365 Help Desk

Open a ticket in our help desk.

Operating System Administration

We will perform system administration tasks such as adding/removing users, creating email accounts, mounting and partitioning drives, etc.

Software Installation & Configuration

We will install software on your server such as cPanel, Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, etc.

Monthly Software Patching

We will install operating system and software patches once per month.

Weekly Software Patching

We will update your OS and installed software on a weekly basis.

Standard System Monitoring

Standard system monitoring includes CPU, RAM, Disk, standard Linux or Windows system services and daemons, standard log monitoring.

Advanced System Monitoring

We will monitor specific services on your server - for example on a cPanel server we will monitor Apache/nginx, cPanel service, MySQL, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, etc.

Server Backup Monitoring

We will make sure server backup jobs run successfully and fix any issues.

PCI Compliance Hardening

We will configure your server to be fully PCI compliant and continue to monitor for compliance and resolve any issues.

This service can be purchased for a one-time fee as needed.

CIS Benchmarks

We will configure your server to meet CIS benchmarks for your level of choice. We will continue to monitor and remediate any issues.

This service can be purchased for a one-time fee as needed.

Website Monitoring

We will monitor any website hosted on your server. If an issue occurs, we will attempt to resolve.

1 Monitor

Additional monitors can be purchased.

5 Monitors

Additional monitors can be purchased.

IP Address Monitoring

We will monitor your IP space for issues that may affect email delivery, SEO, and other issues.

1 IPv4

Additional monitors can be purchased.

5 IPv4, /64 IPv6

Additional monitors can be purchased.

Phone Support

Call our techs directly for technical support.

This service can be purchased for a one-time fee as needed.

Free Backup Storage

We include a certain amount of backup storage for free. Any storage utilized after this amount will be billed at the normal rate per gigabyte. External bandwidth charges may apply.

icon-free-upgrade10 GB 50 GBicon-free-upgrade50 GB 100 GB
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Supported Operating Systems

*We can typically support other Linux distributions as well. Please check with our sales team for confirmation.