Flat-Rate Manged Services

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire someone to manage your server infrastructure like you can for your office computers? Now you can.

We’re excited to introduce our managed services for anyone! You can turn any server into a managed server – even if it’s not hosted with us. If you’re using Azure or AWS and wish you had someone to help you with your cloud, we do that too! See how NodeSpace Plus makes it easy and affordable.

Easy to get started!

Step 1

Let's Chat

We try to make managed services as easy as possible, but because everyone's setup is different, we learn about your environment (or if it's not setup, what you're looking to accomplish).

Step 2


Once we understand your needs, we deploy our lightweight agent to your servers (or we can use SNMP). This lets us monitor and manage your environment.

Step 3

Enjoy Savings

Our team begins to monitor and react you your environment, in real time! We diagnose, alert, and fix issues before they're noticed. You enjoy both time and money savings!

Managed Services Overview

Centralized Monitoring

We monitor your servers from our central NOC. When trouble starts showing, our techs are alerted and go right to work to resolve the issue.

Linux Server Management

We manage CentOS, Ubuntu, openSUSE, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, and more! Got root? No control panel needed!

Easy Patching

Software patches suck. Well, they did when you had to do them. Now you don't have to. So enjoy your weekend, we got this! 🥳

Technical Support (24x7)
Operating System Administration

Our techs will perform actions such as adding or removing users, mounting hard drives, etc.

Software Installation & Configuration

Our techs will install and configure software such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, WordPress, JBOSS, Jira, etc.

Software Patching

We will install software updates for you during your requested maintenance window.

Up to once per month

Up to once per week

Standard System Monitoring

We proactively monitor CPU, RAM, network, and storage activity for issues.

Advanced System Monitoring

We will monitor system services and installed software (e.g. httpd, MySQL database performance, etc.)

Server Backup Job Monitoring

We ensure that backups are working properly and fix any issues.

PCI Compliance Hardening

We will secure your server to meet PCI compliance.

Extra Cost

CIS Benchmarks

We configure your server and/or application to the latest CIS benchmark.

Extra Cost

Website Monitoring

We will monitor your website for performance & availability.

1 Website

5 Websites

IP Address Monitoring

We will monitor your server's IP for performance, network issues, and RBL listings.

1 IPv4 / 1 IPv6

5 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Prefix

Phone Support

Call our technical support team directly for help.

Extra Cost


Price is per system


Price is per system

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Server

*We can typically support other Linux distributions as well. Please check with our sales team for confirmation.

More about Managed Services

Managed services are business processes that are outsourced to a third-party provider, usually for IT-related functions. The provider takes care of the maintenance, security and updates of the systems, while the client pays a fixed fee for the service. Managed services can help businesses save costs, access expertise and improve efficiency.

Most local managed service providers (MSPs) only provide support and service on Windows servers that are located in your office or in a public cloud and even then support is usually very limited or costs extra. NodeSpace Plus will manage Windows, Linux, and BSD servers on-prem, in a public or private cloud, or located with another hosting provider.

There is a standard managed services contract that must be signed, but this is standard. Our minimum term is 30 days and the contract renews monthly. Quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and triennial contracts are available.

Yes! A lot of hosting providers provide their servers as unmanaged or self-managed. That means you're responsible for everything on the server from security, updates, and installing software. We will provide the service that your hosting provider doesn't.

Yes! If you have a data center (or even just a few racks, a cage, or even a private suite), we can provide managed services to you at a bulk flat rate. We can monitor and manage servers, PDUs, network equipment, and other devices if they have SNMP.

If you have your own technical team, you may be interested in our co-managed services. For example, you may want to only have us respond to alerts Saturday and Sunday while your team handles the rest of the week. Co-managed services offer a great level of flexibility.