Embracing Pro-Rata Billing: A Unified Approach to Simplify Your Monthly Expenses

Today, we’re diving into an important and exciting change in our billing process: the transition to pro-rata billing. Now, I know, the mere mention of billing changes can raise a few eyebrows. But trust me, this is a shift you’ll want to get behind! Now, before you jump to any conclusions, let’s clarify: this isn’t about prorated charges based on usage. Instead, it’s about unifying your billing cycle to a single date – the first of each month. Let’s break down what pro-rata billing is, why we’re making this move, and, most importantly, how it benefits you.

[stextbox id=’info’ mode=’css’ shadow=”false”]I just want to make it absolutely clear: if you’re an existing customer, nothing is changing for existing services right now! These changes are only going to affect new services you order and eventually in the future. We will contact you before any changes are made to your account’s billing.[/stextbox]

What is Pro-Rata Billing?

Under pro-rata billing, all your services align to a single billing date. Regardless of when you signed up or made changes to your services, everything consolidates to one date – the 1st of every month. It simplifies tracking, budgeting, and paying your bills.

Why the Shift?

  1. Simplicity and Clarity: Multiple billing dates can be a headache to track. By consolidating all your charges to a single date, we’re making your financial management much simpler.
  2. Predictability: With every bill arriving on the same day, budgeting becomes a breeze. You know exactly when to expect your bill, and how much time you have to prepare for it.
  3. Streamlined Account Management: Managing your account gets a whole lot easier. Instead of juggling multiple dates, you have one clear-cut billing cycle for all your services.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: We want to make your experience with us as smooth and hassle-free as possible. A unified billing cycle is a step in that direction.

Benefits for You

  1. Easier Budgeting and Planning: When you know your bills will arrive on the 1st, planning your monthly budget becomes straightforward. No more surprises or scrambling to remember different due dates.
  2. Consolidated Payments: Paying for all your services at once, on a consistent date, reduces the risk of missed payments and helps keep your financials in order.
  3. Reduced Administrative Stress: Fewer billing dates mean fewer deadlines to remember and less paperwork to handle. This change aims to give you peace of mind and more time to focus on what matters. Did I mention less paperwork? That mainly means less emails from us about your invoices – and it also means all of your services on a single invoice.
  4. Improved Transparency: A single billing date enhances transparency, providing a clear and concise overview of your charges for the entire month.

How This Change Affects You

For existing customers, your billing cycle will eventually align to the 1st of each month. As of right now, there’s no current change and your existing due date will continue to be your due date until we transition your account. New customers will start with this system right away. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this transition to ensure it’s smooth and clear.

As part of this transition, we’re immediately making this change on new orders for shared cPanel hosting, reseller cPanel hosting, and VPS servers. If you already have one of these services, your billing is not changing!

Embrace the Simplicity of Unified Billing

We’re excited about this change and believe it will significantly improve your experience with us. As always, we’re here to support you through this transition and answer any questions you may have. Existing customers can email [email protected] with any questions about your account.

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