Let’s Encrypt announces wildcard certificates

The free certificate authority Let’s Encrypt has announced that in January 2018 they will be adding support for wildcard certificates.

Let’s Encrypt will begin issuing wildcard certificates in January of 2018. Wildcard certificates are a commonly requested feature and we understand that there are some use cases where they make HTTPS deployment easier. Our hope is that offering wildcards will help to accelerate the Web’s progress towards 100% HTTPS.

Let’s Encrypt has helped contribute to the web going from 40% to 58% HTTPS since the service launched in December of 2015. NodeSpace has Let’s Encrypt turned on by default on all shared hosting accounts and we offer free Let’s Encrypt management through cPanel. We will keep our customers updated as this develops over the next few months.

For more information, you can read the Let’s Encrypt blog post here.

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