NodeSpace is Evolving

I wanted to take this time to announce that NodeSpace is evolving. Well, we’re always evolving, but we’re facing a more visible evolution. My favorite corporate motto is from Softlayer, “Evolve or die”. It’s simple. It’s powerful. The meaning behind it is very important, especially when it comes to a business. We actually take a lot of inspiration from Softlayer and built on top of it. We still have a long way to go as a small provider to get to where we want to be, but behind the scenes we are working hard to put the framework in place. Some of the evolution that has been happening is that we are transforming into becoming more of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.

Beyond the Buzzwords

Honestly, I hate using buzzwords like “IaaS” but if you do, then let me explain what is essentially happening here. We are slowly becoming a dedicated and virtual server provider over providing traditional web hosting options. Are we eliminating or removing our traditional web hosting options? Absolutely not! If you’re currently a client with these services, you have nothing to fear. We’re keeping these services and part of our move to IaaS will actually become better. Since we’re a company that “eats our own dog food”, a phrase which if you’re not familiar means that we are our own customers – we use the same tools, software, and everything else available to our own clients. Like our website runs on a web server on a Proxmox VE host. This is something that you have access to. There are no “special” tools. We don’t run out of a different data center than we put our clients in.

As we continue our evolution, this means we’ll be providing new server builds, new hardware options, in more data centers. It means that we’ll be able to deploy servers faster and more efficiently. Best of all, you’ll be able to easily manage those servers as easy as easily as you can manage WordPress.

It also means we’re expanding our focus to businesses and helping them escape from the traditional cloud. As it turns out, the cloud isn’t some magical place that suddenly makes everything better. It typically means large, unpredictable bills, many of which that far out pace the amount it would cost to keep things on-prem. But we also understand that businesses don’t want to run data centers or manage hardware – after all, companies like ours exist and that’s our primary focus. By moving to IaaS, we allow businesses to move to the cloud, but without the costs of the cloud, but with many of the same benefits of the cloud.

We’re only getting started

Back in June, we renamed our company to “NodeSpace Technologies” and there’s some emphasis on the “technologies” part. We’re moving beyond just providing hosting. We’re doing software development, we’re working with more vendors to integrate into our platform, and we’re working on new, beneficial products and services to bring to our clients.

Evolution is necessary. We are excited to share this evolution process with you.

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