Proxmox Backup Server 3.1 Released

Proxmox Backup Server 3.1, a notable upgrade from Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH, was officially released on November 30, 2023. This version of the open-source server backup solution is designed to enhance the backup and restoration process for virtual machines (VMs), containers, and physical hosts. Key features include support for incremental backups, deduplication, Zstandard compression, and authenticated encryption.

Major Updates in Proxmox Backup Server 3.1:

  1. Updated Operating System and Kernel: The backup server is now based on Debian 12.2 “Bookworm” and uses the Linux kernel 6.5 as the stable default. It includes ZFS 2.2.0 and important fixes from the upcoming ZFS version 2.2.2.
  2. Secure Boot Compatibility: Proxmox Backup Server 3.1 is compatible with Secure Boot, enhancing the security of the boot process. This feature ensures that only software with a valid digital signature can launch on a machine. The inclusion of a signed shim bootloader, trusted by most hardware’s UEFI implementations, allows the server to be installed in environments with Secure Boot active.
  3. Local Sync Jobs: This version introduces the ability to synchronize backups between local datastores. Sync jobs can now pull content from both remote Proxmox Backup Server instances and local datastores.
  4. Improved Tape Backup System: The Proxmox Tape Backup system in this version has better compatibility with LTO 9 tapes and certain tape libraries, making it easier to copy datastore content to tapes.
  5. Web Interface Localization: The web interface is now available in Croatian and Georgian, with improvements in other translations due to community contributions.

Integration and Availability:

Proxmox Backup Server integrates seamlessly into Proxmox Virtual Environment. Users can add the storage for the Proxmox Backup Server as a new storage backup target to Proxmox VE. The software, licensed under the GNU AGPLv3, is available for download and can be installed on bare-metal using an installation wizard or atop Debian. Distribution upgrades from older versions are possible via APT.

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