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IP AddressPLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: All servers provided by NodeSpace Hosting are allocated, by default, one (1) IPv4 address either as a single IP or allocated as a /30 block. If you require more than one (1) IPv4 address or require a /29 or larger, you are required to fill out this justification form. ARIN, the organization that oversees IP assignments for North America, requires that NodeSpace Hosting be able to justify the IP allocations we receive as IPv4 is a limited resource. In turn, we need you to be able to justify your use for IPv4 addresses. You can read our knowledge base article on determining if you need more IPs. Please fill out this form at the direction of Sales or Support.  This form is not for indicating or requesting that you need additional IPs. You must initiate the request through Sales or Support.

If you need assistance with filling out this form, please contact [email protected] or reply to the original ticket.

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