Fast and Reliable Cloud DNS

DNS is the backbone of the Internet. That’s why it’s important that your website has access to an enterprise-class geographically redundant cloud DNS.

  • Free with any hosting service
  • Clustered DNS for Guaranteed Tranlations
  • Geographically redundant across the U.S.

About our Cloud DNS Service

Using multiple DNS server clusters spread out across the U.S., our Cloud DNS service ensures DNS requests are routed to the closest available DNS cluster, delivering faster DNS response times, greater uptime, and increased reliability in accessing your domains. If at any point the DNS cluster becomes unavailable, the request will be automatically routed to the next available DNS cluster for the DNS translation to occur.

Sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Amazon all make use of this technology. On top of the increased performance and uptime, this all happens behind the scenes unbeknownst to your visitors.

Cloud DNS for Shared and Reseller Hosting

Think you need a separate DNS service for your websites or your client websites? Think again. We have automatically integrated our Cloud DNS service in with our cPanel servers, even our reseller hosting servers. This means that every domain name in cPanel is automatically available in our Cloud DNS. If you’re a reseller, this means that your clients will also have access to this premium feature – at no additional cost!


Most web hosting providers have a single main data center and ultimately store their DNS server in a single data center. If this location fails, your website will not be operational until the DNS server has been recovered. This could translate into extreme downtime for your business.

If you're on cPanel hosting with another hosting provider, most cPanel servers are configured as DNS servers without any redundancy. That means if the DNS service fails, your website will be unreachable.

The NodeSpace solution is to use redundant DNS server clusters spread out across the country in multiple carrier-class data center facilities. When the web user makes a request for a website that is utilizing NodeSpace’s Cloud DNS solution, the Anycast network will seek out the closest DNS server location with the best response time. This ensures decreased latency and maximum performance. In the event of a network or data center failure, your website’s DNS will not be affected, as it will be mirrored in at least three redundant locations across the country.

Yes, Cloud DNS is available free of charge to all customers. All you need is an active service with us - shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server, VPS server, SSL certificate, etc.