SLA Credit Calculator

How to use this SLA credit calculator

Downtime sucks and when we don’t meet our SLA, you deserve to be credited. We created this calculator to help you determine how much you’re owed.

First, input the number of hours your server or website was down rounded to the nearest half hour. For example, if your server was down for 3 hours 34 minutes, round to 3 hours and 30 minutes (3.5). You will enter “3.5” into the first box.

Second, input your service amount. Exclude any third-party amounts such as licenses. If you pay anything other than monthly, select your billing cycle.

Click on “Calculate Credit”.

ESTIMATE ONLY: This calculator is only an estimate. You must submit a ticket to our billing team in order to claim a SLA credit.

Per our SLA, every 30 minutes of downtime is equal to 5% of credit, up to a maximum of 100% per 30 days. This means if your server was down for 30 minutes within one 30 day cycle, you would be entitled to 5% credit per our SLA. If your server was down for 12 hours, you would be credited for 10 hours as that is when you would reach the SLA credit cap.

If you believe you are entitled to a SLA credit, please open a billing ticket requesting an SLA credit within 7 days of the event. We will investigate and if the claim is valid, provide a credit within 30 days. If your claim is rejected, we will let you know.

As per our SLA, you are not entitled to an SLA credit for any of the following:

  • Scheduled maintenance (maintenance that is scheduled in excess or equal to 72 hours before), emergency maintenance, or customer maintenance.
  • Force Majeure/Extraordinary Events such as DDoS attacks, virus attacks, hacking attempts, and/or any other circumstances that are not within our control.

There may be additional clauses that are outlined in our SLA document.

The amount owed, if any, will be deposited into your account as an account credit. This credit can be used on future invoices and is subject to the terms of our Terms of Service.