.com TLD Price Increase – September 1, 2022

Dear NodeSpace Customers,

You may have heard about .com domains increasing in price. Back in 2018, the United States government gave Verisign, the registry that is in charge of the .com TLD, the approval to be able to negotiate it’s price with ICANN. They’re permitted a 7% increase every year for the last 4 years in a 6 year agreement. While other registrars are announcing price hikes of several dollars, I vowed to keep the price of a .com at or below $12/year.

After negotiations with our registrar, I’m happy to say that I have kept my promise. NodeSpace will be increasing the price of .com TLDs to $12/year starting September 1, 2022.

We’re one of the few places on the Internet where you can register a domain for under $13. No promo code needed.

Hopefully, we’ll see the costs go down. But considering that Verisign is profiting more than ever, I don’t see it as likely.

If you want to save on your domains, the best thing to do is renew it for as many years as you possibly can. A .com can be renewed for a maximum of 10 years at a time so if you wanted to load up your domain today, you could push it out to 2032.

Thank you for choosing NodeSpace! We’re doing what we can to help you save!

Best regards,

Travis Newton

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