cPanel or not?

When it comes to getting a dedicated or virtual server, we offer the option to add on cPanel which is a popular control panel. But should you get it? We get this question a lot so we thought we would share with our experiences with cPanel versus not using cPanel so you can make the right choice.

What are you hosting?

The first question to ask is, “What are you hosting?” If you’re a business and this server is going to be hosting your website and some online applications and you have a team knowledgeable with Linux (or Windows), you don’t need cPanel. This will allow you to have full control over the server and install any applications you’d like without major consequences. Now if you’re a web designer and you’re offering clients hosting, we definitely recommend having cPanel along with our managed hosting service. This allows you to focus on websites and we’ll handle your server.

Are you comfortable with Linux?

Here’s a big one – you need to be comfortable with Linux to manage your server. This means a lot of command line as there is no GUI (graphical user interface) on our Linux servers. If you’re not comfortable with working in a pure command line environment, then a cPanel environment would be right for you. Managing backups and even configuring a mail server and FTP server can be a bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Take it from the host…

We definitely recommend cPanel. It definitely makes management much easier. Coupling cPanel with our Managed service means that you get the full power of our support staff and you can focus on what you do best. Leave the servers to us!

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