Proxmox VE 8.1 Released

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH announced the release of Proxmox Virtual Environment 8.1, an update to its open-source server virtualization management platform. This version introduces several significant features and enhancements:

  1. Operating System and Kernel: Proxmox VE 8.1 is based on Debian 12.2 (“Bookworm”) and employs the Linux kernel 6.5 as its stable default. It includes updates to major open-source technologies such as QEMU 8.1.2 and LXC 5.0.2, and features ZFS 2.2.0 with key bugfixes from version 2.2.1. Additionally, the platform supports Ceph Reef 18.2.0 and continues to support Ceph Quincy 17.2.7​​.
  2. New Features:
    • Secure Boot Support: The update is compatible with Secure Boot, a security feature ensuring that only software with a valid digital signature can launch during the boot process. It includes a signed shim bootloader, trusted by most hardware’s UEFI implementations, enabling installation in environments with Secure Boot active​​.
    • Software-defined Network (SDN): Core SDN packages are now installed by default, allowing the creation of virtual zones and networks (VNets) for managing complex networking configurations and multitenancy setups directly from the web interface. SDN facilitates adaptable network infrastructure scaling according to business needs​​.
    • Flexible Notification System: A new framework for routing notifications uses a matcher-based approach, allowing users to specify different target types for receiving notifications. This system supports Gotify servers or SMTP servers requiring SMTP authentication, alongside the existing local Postfix MTA​​.
  3. Availability and Licensing: Proxmox VE 8.1 is available for download, including the complete feature-set for installation on bare-metal. It is free and open-source, published under the GNU Affero General Public License, v3. For enterprise users, Proxmox offers a subscription-based support model, starting at EUR 105 per year per CPU, providing access to the Enterprise Repository and technical support​​.
  4. Proxmox Server Solutions: Founded in 2005 and based in Vienna, Austria, Proxmox is a key player in providing open-source server software. It supports a vast user base with more than 900,000 hosts worldwide and a strong community engagement through its support forum. Proxmox solutions are known for their stability, security, and scalability, helping businesses deploy efficient, agile, and simplified IT infrastructures​​.

This release of Proxmox VE 8.1 represents a significant step forward in the platform’s capabilities, offering enhanced security features, advanced networking options, and improved notification systems, catering to the evolving needs of modern server environments.

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