Understanding Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a way for you to resell our services to your own customers as your own brand. If you wanted to start a web hosting company, you could get a standard reseller account and then create accounts on our servers for your customers (this is actually how we got started!). But it can actually be used for more than that. We have noticed web developers and marketers love it, as they can give each site its own account for privacy & security, as well as offer clients upsell features. You don’t even need a business to use reseller hosting. We have individuals who manage their own personal website as well as websites for sports, clubs, and other organizations they belong to, as well as friends and family.

Benefits for web designers and marketing agencies

Traditionally, you buy reseller hosting if you want to offer a provider’s services as your own. You sign up for an account, and you’ll get a chunk of disk space, bandwidth, and a number of cPanel accounts that you can have and you pay a single monthly price for this plan. You can then divide up your disk space and bandwidth how you see fit – including adding or disabling features. Like maybe you have low-tier plan that lacks the WordPress Toolkit, but you have another plan that has the WordPress Toolkit – and you sell the Deluxe features as a $4 monthly upcharge. Now you’re making money and building a brand!

Additionally, website marketing and design agencies love to use reseller hosting because it brings additional features. First, each client’s website gets its own account with features (and again, this can be used as a great upsell and extra revenue stream) which also has security benefits, but also gives you additional control. Let’s say your client stops paying you. You can suspend their site until they are paid up, so all their data stays in-tact and you don’t have to worry about making backups and deleting anything – or deleting the wrong customer site!

If a website gets compromised, it is isolated to its account. That means the threat cannot affect other sites on the server. If you place all these sites in one hosting account, 1 compromised site can cause all websites to become compromised.

Our reseller hosting is also private label. That means there’s nothing about the server or domain that points back to us. Your clients will never know they are being hosted with NodeSpace – for example, you can use our private label DNS cloud nameservers on client domains. They just see “gentoo.ns.penguindns.com” and “chinstrap.ns.penguindns.com”. Our server hostname resolves to “node###.penguinserver.com”. Even if your clients are crafty and try to lookup “penguinserver.com” and “penguindns.com”, these domains are not associated with us in anyway. The WHOIS is private, and we host their DNS on a generic cloud. Additionally, you can brand the cPanel interface so your customers always see your brand when they login – not ours.

Benefits for individuals

Another great use for reseller hosting is for individuals who have a small handful of websites they host for family, friends, or organizations they belong to. They may not want to have the expense of a VPS or dedicated server, but they want the security and isolation benefits individual accounts bring without having to pay for an individual account multiple times. For example, if you had 5 websites and bought our Basics hosting plan, you’d pay $40/month – or you could buy our Reseller Starter plan, and you’d only pay $20/month. Essentially you’re getting 50% off your hosting.

Is reseller hosting right for you?

If you don’t want the burden of managing server infrastructure and worrying about licenses and other costs associated with running your own server, then our cPanel Reseller Hosting makes perfect sense! And if you grow to the point where you do want a VPS or dedicated server, we’ll be glad to help you manage it!

By the way, we’re currently running a special offer on a dedicated server with cPanel included! This is a huge savings opportunity!

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